Monday, February 1, 2016

A Well Plated Dish

You deserve the petty life you live at home with your parents. I hope you think of me when you use the cookware and eat off the plates. I hope someday you become a man that cooks a meal for a girl. After you've eaten, she will help you clear the table and I know she will compliment the plates.

Even if you don't tell her that you stood like a buffoon in Bed, Bath and Beyond while your fiance chose the set for your wedding registry. Even if you don't tell your that you took them from your shared storage unit knowing damn well that they were important to your ex-wife. Even if you don't tell her that each of the four place settings were purchased by someone close to your ex-wife. Even if you don't tell her that its the first time you've used them in 15 years because you've been living with your parents even before you got divorced. Even if you don't tell her all that, you will know. And that moment, that great dinner and conversation will be a little bit tarnished.

But you know what? That's one experience I don't have to have. At first I though you had taken something from me, that I had been robbed. As it turns out, you gave me a gift. You gave me a reason and permission to get a new set of dishes. Something perfect for me. And someday soon, when I make that handsome, charming and sweet man a meal, I will be proud to serve my chicken pot pie on my brand new plates. Without history or tainted memories, I can serve a meal and be complimented on my dinnerware. It may seem petty and insignificant, but when the moment comes, it will be a sigh of relief for me and a sharp inhale for you.

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